We finally got tickets for the most beloved, sold out Pop up space in LA! we wanted to go since they opened but it was so hard to score the tickets. You show me pink or pastel colors and I get excited. Definitely the place to go if you have kids and love ice cream! 🍨 Once you enter this cool pink painted warehouse, they receive you with a cup of ice cream of the day , churro flavor by coolhaus; it was the perfect creamy balance of sugar and cinnamon. We had so much fun, our favorite space was the Mint Room (everything is mint color) and the Sprinkle pool, where you can have a lap swim and made sprinkles angels! my 2 year old made me feel like a child again, he was so happy we couldn't stop laughing and throwing sprinkles at each other. One of my favorites experiences in sunny California! One of the best days of my life 😍🌞 🏊🏼🍦  Ice cream foreveeeer!  

Entrance-Follow the pink walls!

Pinkest Warehouse in Dowtown LA

Serve yourself!

One of my favorite spaces- The gummy bear room


Gummy bears!

Giant popsicles attack

The revenge of the giant popsicles

It is a Mint life

Dead by a Savage

Our now favorite mug on a tour full of sprinkles and ice cream vibes

That sh* is bananas!

Sprinkles pool!

Happy baby!


til next time Museum of Ice Cream!!!!